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Tekken 720p

I've heard that Tekken 6 apparently runs at lower resolution than 720p HD. But according to the back of the box it states it is in 720p and also on the TV I am playing it on the setting is apparently 720p when I bring up the information. So what's the truth?

Tekken 720p

It works in 720p. The rumor was started on an Xbox board stating that the PS3 version didn't have HD because it was built for the 360 and ported to the PS3, even though it was actually built for the PS3 and arcade, then ported to the 360, so believe what's on the box.

Yeah I heard that rumour that the Xbox360 version could be set to 720p was the PS3 version was stuck at the lower resolution setting. I don't know what truth there was in it. Game still looks great though...

Street Fighter x Tekken renders in native 720p on both formats. As with the Street Fighter 4 titles, 360 owners get the usual inclusion of 2x multi-sampling anti-aliasing (MSAA), while the PS3 version features no edge smoothing of any kind. As we've seen in previous Capcom beat 'em ups on both systems, the lack of anti-aliasing really isn't an issue at all: the only time we're really made aware of its absence is in some of the higher contrast environments, where we see the odd bit of edge shimmering in select background objects. But in this case there are fewer bright backgrounds on offer, and the upgraded artwork hides any potential jaggies rather well.

In Saturday's Digital Foundry "not so high definition" feature, we talked about the technical reasons why some console games don't actually appear to be running at the lowest HD standard: 720p. We revealed that Namco-Bandai's forthcoming Tekken 6 is one of those games, but also stated that the additional graphics processing introduced at the lower resolution, surprisingly, produced a higher overall image quality than the game's in-built HD mode which actually runs in excess of 720p.

Overall, although there's really nothing in it in the heat of gameplay, we'd take the PS3's blur-off 576p 2xMSAA picture as the best IQ option available across both versions, the realisation of which suggests that the whole game would've benefited a lot more with the more traditional arrangement of native 720p and MSAA. Screen-filling bosses aside, there's nothing to suggest that this wouldn't have been possible. It's interesting to note that even when Tekken 6 is running at an HD resolution there is the sense that the game isn't quite all it could've been visually.

From driving to fighting, role-play to strategy - almost all games including titles such as Formula One 06, the Godfather, GTA: Liberty City and classic beat-em-ups like Tekken 5 benefit from the improved HD image quality through the HDTV Player (compatible with 90% of all PS2 games). Simply choose your required settings, (480p, 720p, 1080i and numerous VGA modes) position the screen image in the required location and experience games as they were meant to be played. 076b4e4f54


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