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Tahiti Trip

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Doom 3 Weapons Mod Doom 2 Mods !NEW!

This mod is awesome.Everyone who played doom 2 but doesnt have the power of its computer to run doom 3 can play this great mod. I mean, my computer doesnt have the power to run doom 3 properly but thanks to this mod i feel like playing Doom 3.10/10- PLAY THIS AWESOME MOD :D

Doom 3 weapons mod doom 2 mods


After traversing through a few areas in the Delta Complex, the Marine finds a badly injured Swann, who is surprised to see him still alive. Swann then explains that Sarge has converted to the demon's side, leaving Campbell to go after him. He also expresses fear that with Hell breaking through the Caverns, Earth will be doomed if the Fleet arrives any sooner. Swann then entrusts the Marine by providing his PDA, hoping he can completely subdue the invasion and hunt down Sarge. Meanwhile, Campbell continues his hunt for Sarge in the CPU Complex, not long before being mortally wounded and having his weapon looted by him. The Marine eventually discovers Campbell's fate, who shortly succumbs to his wounds. Sarge then taunts the Marine that he will come for him next. The Marine proceeds through the CPU Banks to locate Sarge, only to find him transformed into the demonic Sabaoth. Having no other choice but to fight his former commander officer, the Marine defeats him, putting Sarge out of his misery. 350c69d7ab


We're planning a trip to Tahiti and back. Rent a cabin there...