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Custom Overnight Charter

Hawaii Catamaran Charters will cater to your needs and provide you with a luxury overnight stay on one of our beautiful catamarans at a Hawaiian island of your choice. This charter is available on either the SY Blaze II or 46 Bahia. Pick up and drop off can be at same location or charter can also be a 2 day 1 cruise to another island. Please contact for details. Daily Itinerary may include the following
Catered breakfast with local fruit and coffee. All dietary needs will be discussed prior to charter and certain food can be available to suit all needs. Sail towards morning activities which may include snorkeling, swimming, surfing, skurfing (surf board pulled by dingy), snooba, paddle boarding, fishing. All activities are performed at locations that are hidden gems along the coast and away from the crowds.
Catered Lunch.
Post lunch is a great time for dolphins, turtles and whales spotting. (Whale season goes from October through April) This time is also a great time to go fishing. The catamarans are equipped with all the necessary equipment to clean fish and prepare for dinner or any upcoming meals throughout the trip.
Anchor close to shore for catered dinner at a beautiful location with a Hawaiian sunset to end the day. Post dinner options could either be karaoke, movies, and or board games The option to venture to land for some local exploring or night life is also a possibility.

Charter cost

Prices dependent on time of year
Please CONTACT for rates

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