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Total War Warhammer 2 Crashing After Battle

VERSION 3 BETA IS OUT! Years in the making, after the initial success of Empire Total War, I thereby present you Empire Total War II! Features:-3000+ Units, 39+ factions are playable and have been reworked and tested-VDM mod to become a true Master and Commander-New CAI and BAI for the final, realistic battle. The projectile system has been completely reworked from scratch using real-life trajectories.-Italy and Germany Region upgraded to better represent their strength-New Navy-Many more! Just test it!-Support for 40 Units Armies

total war warhammer 2 crashing after battle

Download Zip:

Edit - actually it does work. I started a new campaign, and on turn 1 I was able to open a battle successfully without crashing. Also, on turn 2 I saved the game as "Ottoman" and it works! So maybe this fix does work after all. But you have to start a new campaign.

Thanks for this mod in the first place, after 17 turns when i play a land battle, (previously save with only latin letters) crash to desktop. Restart the game and i can't load any save, all of them are damage, any help is appreciated.

Total War Warhammer 3 has been crashing for many during both single and multiplayer games at launch. Many players report that the game crashes at startup or right after the opening cinematic. There are many reasons for this, and many solutions as well.Our guide will list all possible solutions to the crashing bugs in Total War Warhammer 3. All the methods listed below have been recommended by the developer, which is now working hard to release a fresh patch.

Total War: WARHAMMER III keeps freezing and crashing. The game is stuck on the black screen. TWW3 won't launch on PC. Is there a crash fix available?There are several possible solutions that you can try if you're having a crashing issue when trying to launch Total War: WARHAMMER III or during battle.This guide will show you how to fix crashing issues in Total War WARHAMMER III. Here are the methods you can try:Quick Navigation hide1. Repair game files2. Install Visual C++ redistributables3. Update graphics drivers4. Play in windowed mode5. Lower the graphics settings1. Repair game filesNeed for Speed Unbound Gameplay Tra...Please enable JavaScript

Yes I saw your post. Just adding my problem. Very interesting. Hmm I would think any power surge from the GPU would be handled by the PSU and not give out a power surge to the outlet. I understand the GPU or CPU could ask the PSU for more power but only when the play starts not just when you click on mode or battle buttons. (my case) I am just now having some issues with in game freezes. It seems I have either the in game freeze or the black screen when clicking mode or battle. Clicking those buttons shouldn't affect the GPU any at that time. There's something I'm doing in changing things that either causes a black screen, a disconnection to the monitors or in game freeze (including a message from wot that my graphics card had an error). I've been using MSI afterburner to decrease the GPU clock speed even though I am not overclocked (unless they did something at the factory). I have a Intel Core i7 9700 3.0 Mhz which shouldn't allow overclocking. . But it also has always bothered me that EVERY other game I play that has intense graphics has no problem. It's ONLY World of Tanks.

I am only crashing in the garage - kind of random, usually after 1 hr (I played 13 battles without problems today). Right now, I am trying to see if it is G-sync/v-sync, HDR settings, or GPU temp that is causing the windows crash (I don't see BSOD - black screen and PC sometimes auto restart, sometimes I have to press the power button). I have an Omen 30L desktop PC with 3080 ti, AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, and Samsung G9 monitor with HDR, 240 Hz, and G-sync. I play the game on Ultra.

I also found a way to fix crash after battle. Before it crashed 5/5 battles, so after every battle. My nvidia graphic drivers was 417.xx i downgraded it to 399.07, and now i played like 1.5h without any crash. No more crashes after battle for me, for now atleast.

Ive found a way to fix crashes after battle. ( Only crash for me was on loading screen after battles happening randomly but mostly after big battles-) I was using a recent nvidia drivers 400+. I literally uninstalled the pilot of my graphic card and the card installed an old driver saved in it (2015 version). No more crashes after battle 10 hours per day without any crash. There is definetly something wrong with the new nvidia drivers. 076b4e4f54


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