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Libera - Eternal (the Best Of Libera), Cd.rar [UPDATED]

Review: Libera - Eternal (the Best Of Libera), Cd.rar

If you are a fan of Libera, the angelic-voiced boys choir from London, you will love this 32-track double album that showcases their best songs from their previous releases, as well as four new tracks. Libera - Eternal (the Best Of Libera), Cd.rar is a digital download that contains high-quality audio files in a compressed format. You can easily extract the files using a software like WinRAR or 7-Zip and enjoy the heavenly music on your device.

Libera - Eternal (the Best Of Libera), Cd.rar

Libera is known for their unique blend of classical, pop, and sacred music, sung in Latin, English, and other languages. Their repertoire ranges from traditional hymns and chants to modern compositions by John Tavener, Brian Wilson, Enya, and more. Their voices are pure, ethereal, and harmonious, creating a soothing and uplifting atmosphere for the listener.

The album features some of their most popular songs, such as "Sanctus", "Salva Me", "You Were There", "Love And Mercy", and "Secret". It also includes four new tracks: "Mother Of God", a beautiful setting of a poem by Anna Akhmatova with music by John Tavener; "Gaudete", a lively medieval carol arranged by Robert Prizeman; "You Were There", a touching song from the Japanese movie "Nobody Knows" with music by Takatsugu Muramatsu; and "Eternal Light", a serene and majestic piece composed by Robert Prizeman.

The album is a perfect introduction to Libera's music for new listeners, as well as a must-have for loyal fans. It showcases their versatility, talent, and charm, as well as their spiritual depth and joy. Libera - Eternal (the Best Of Libera), Cd.rar is a treasure trove of heavenly music that will inspire and delight you.

Libera is a boys choir that was founded in the 1980s by Robert Prizeman, a music director and composer. The choir consists of boys aged 7 to 16 who attend various schools in South London. They rehearse and perform at St. Philip's Church in Norbury, where they are part of the parish choir. They also tour internationally and have performed in many countries, such as the United States, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and more.

The choir's name comes from the Latin word "libera", which means "free". The name reflects their musical style, which is not bound by any genre or tradition. They sing with a natural and expressive voice, without any formal training or vocal coaching. They also wear white robes that symbolize purity and innocence. Their music aims to create a connection between the singers and the listeners, transcending cultural and religious barriers.

The album Libera - Eternal (the Best Of Libera), Cd.rar is a testament to their musical excellence and diversity. It contains songs that span different eras and styles, from ancient chants to contemporary pop. It also showcases their ability to sing in different languages, such as Latin, English, Japanese, Gaelic, and Aramaic. The album is a celebration of their musical journey and achievements, as well as a gift to their fans and supporters. c481cea774


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